1 Man Rock Band

Released in 2009, Sins of the Times is available on iTunes, Amazon, below & at a discount at all of my gigs.  Several tracks have been on local & Bay Area radio stations.  Some are rockers, others more melodic with Latin & Ska influences.  Bassist/ backup vocalist Chris has joined me to play some at Wolff-Duo gigs.

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Contact Info.     Phone: 858 395-6462; email steve@wolfflive.com

A Full Sounding “Band” 

I have over 115 danceable, popular, yet not overplayed 60’s - today’s songs by English, Irish, Aussie and US artists.  Check out my 1 Man Rock Band Playlist.  I use a laptop to play the drums & other backup tracks keeping volume and space manageable.  I can provide full color stage and floor lights, including lasers.

Several years ago, I pioneered a new way to bring guests in to venues by developing what are now long-term relationships with the largest San Diego-based MeetUp.com social groups’ leaders.  I publish each public event to 2 of these groups whose 20,000+ fun-seeking members receive an email invitation and reminders for events. In 2014 this led to an average 50 guests per event.

In addition to covers, I have two originals CD: Sins of the Times, released in 2009 and American Dream, successfully crowdfunded and released in 2016.