2016: American Dream

2009: Sins of the Times

As heard on:

Originals CD

The Songs

They have a very ‘80s feel to them.  Some are rockers, some more melodic while others draw from ska and Latin influences.  I’m big on meaningful lyrics.

The Artwork

A friend from an old band is a great artist, so I bought 3 pieces from her to use as a starting point.  I tweaked them in Photoshop and, for American Dream, I added more of my own art.


After publishing Sins of the Times in 2009, I attended a listening session staffed by local San Diego radio station DJs Tim Pyles (94.9 FM) and Andrew Rowley (91X) and they loved it, especially I Fell In Love.  I snuck in my trusty recorder; and recorded the interview. Here’s the feedback:

Tim Pyles (94.9 FM):    “[I Fell In Love] is going on my show tonight”. 

                                       “Another highlight of the demo review session...”

Andrew Rowley (91X): “...[I Fell In Love] is a great song”

More recently, local radio personality Cathryn Beeks has taken to playing an assortment of songs from both CDs on her weekly Listen Local Radio shows.

Both CDs are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others via CD Baby’s distribution system.  I routinely play many of the songs at solo, duo and trio gigs.  I’m very gratified that they get - and keep - people on the dance floor!