1 Man Rock Band

In 2010, I pioneered a new way to bring guests to venues by developing  relationships with the largest San Diego social groups leaders.  I can publish each public event to these groups whose 30,000+ fun-seeking members get an inital email invitation promoting the venue & automatic reminders. In 2017 this led to an average of 50 up to 200 guests per event.  This is on top of Wolff's ~400 fan VIP list.


Published CDs

In addition to covers, I have two originals CD: Sins of the Times, released in 2009 & American Dream, successfully crowdfunded & released in 2016. Both are available on iTunes, Amazon, below & at a discount at all of my gigs.  After publishing Sins of the Times, I attended a listening session staffed by local San Diego radio station DJs Tim Pyles (94.9 FM) & Andrew Rowley (91X) and they loved it, especially I Fell In Love.   Here’s the feedback:

Tim Pyles (94.9 FM):    “[I Fell In Love] is going on my show tonight”. 

                                       “Another highlight of the demo review session...”

Andrew Rowley (91X): “...[I Fell In Love] is a great song”

More recently, local radio personality Cathryn Beeks played an assortment of songs from both CDs on her weekly Listen Local Radio shows.   Click on the images below to access Amazon's short clips for each CD.

I have over 135 danceable, iconic, yet not overplayed 60’s - today’s  rock songs by English, Irish, Aussie and US artists most of which I play both 1 Man Rock Band with a laptop playing drums & other backup tracks but also "Almost Unplugged" on acoustic.  Check out my playlists.  I can combine both styles for a varied, fun evening.  My Bose System 1 PA makes for a compact set up & my larger PA can power a mid-size hall.  I can also provide full color stage and floor light show, including lasers.

American Dream (released 2016): Hear it on Spotify