PA system. Compact & scalable, it can handle small rooms up to good sized halls

   -  2 Bose Compact System L1s - great for small / medium size indoor & outdoor venues

   - 10 channel Behringer mixer/ amp with effects.  800 W per channel, 2 channels

   - 2 x 10 Carvin Q10 Main/ Monitor Speakers - add capability for larger venues

   - 1 x QSC 8 Amplified Monitor speaker

   - Portable computer (Macintosh Laptop)

   - Drum & bass tracks for roughly 8 sets

   - Large MP3 selection for DJ- style music during breaks

Instruments/ Effects. Top quality equipment allows the wide variety of sounds needed for the broad range of songs.

   - Shure SM 68B or head-worn vocal microphone

   - Fender Stratocaster guitars

   - Taylor T5z Acoustic/Electric Guitar

   - Zoom G5n Guitar Multi-Effects/ Amp Emulator Processor

   - Boss RC-2, RC-5 samplers for both guitar and vocals (allowing harmonies with 1 singer!)

   - Helicon VoiceLive Play Vocal Effects Processor

Visual Effects.  Ignored by many musicians, lights are important to set the mood.

  - 2 American DJ MegaBar RGB LED light strips with stands

   - LED “Moonflower” projector

   - 2 Red+Green LED Laser projectors

   - 3 light stands and clamp-on light fixtures ideally suited for taking up minimal space at small events

   - Quad chaser/ sound-to-light unit

   - Fog machine

Wolff uses a flexible yet compact set-up that scales from a compact, battery powered "band in a bag" that's been all over the world up to a full PA for a medium-sized hall or outdoor venue. Wolff can add lights, lasers & a Moonflower projector, all low power LEDs that can run off one 110 V outlet.