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Wolff has two originals CDs available on iTunes, Amazon.

Since 2006, Wolff has played over 250 live performances, both as a 1 Man Rock Band & acoustic "Almost Unplugged" as well as a Duo or Full Band.  Wolff's solo playlists exceed 150 songs including 60s - today's pop/ rock classics plus originals off his 2 CDs & newer, so far unreleased material including 9 Rock videos.  Wolff uses a compact adaptable PA with lights & lasers & has proven success promoting venues to fans via direct email & using its Organizer status on the largest San Diego MeetUp.com groups to access over 30,000 active San Diegans.  

Sins of the Times (released 2009): Hear it on Spotify

American Dream (released 2016): Hear it on Spotify

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Trio: Fast Times,

Bay Ho, 7 ~ 10 PM



Trio: Carruth Cellars,

Oceanside, 6 - 9 PM



Trio: The Hop Stop,

Poway, 5 - 8 PM